Contact Steam Turbine Solutions for the Proper Used Steam Turbine Generator Cycle Fit

Most steam turbine generators were custom designed for a specific cycle .  They are not designed as a standard product line like a gas turbine, if you want a 20 MW gas turbine you  buy a 20 MW gas turbine.  This is not possible with steam turbines.  Factors such as steam pressure, temperatures, exhaust and extraction pressures could make one “20 MW steam turbine”  completely different casing and steam path design than another “20 MW turbine”.   When looking for a used set it takes a thermo-mechanical review by a steam turbine engineer so that you buy the proper unit that can make the required power for your cycle and is mechanically sound for those conditions. Although most used equipment brokers do not have that capability to perform these studies,   Steam Turbine Solutions can take your requirements and find the best fit unit available on the market that meets your cycle needs.   This evaluation could make a difference in finding a poor fit unit and a  unit that has good operating efficiency, runs reliably reliability and makes the required power output for the life of the unit.

Please feel free to email or call STS for the right unit for the right cycle!