New 18 MW Power Plant

We have a complete almost new 18 MW power plant for sale.  it was only run for boiler testing and some minimal STG operation and then shut down.  Built in 2015.  Entire plant and equipment for sale, STG, Air cooled condenser, boiler , transformer everything is for sale.  Great for small biomass plant.

Complete 2014 50 MW Biomass Power Plant

We just got a listing for a 2014 50 MW 60 Hz Biomass power plant.  it was operated until 2018 and shut down, so essentially new. Comes with everything from the boiler, to the turbine/gen, front loaders, pick up trucks to the kitchen sink.   Cost over $200M to build the plant.  Call for more info and pricing.   978-751-1857

GE Steam Turbine Business for Sale? Call Steam Turbine Solutions Inc. for your GE Steam Turbine Technical Support

As GE recently announced its interest in selling its ~120 year old steam turbine business Steam Turbine Solutions is in place to support GE customers with the technical support and engineering expertise to help its customers operate their equipment reliably and efficiently.   Please call us to discuss how we can help you with supporting your technical concerns with your GE equipment with a company that has extensive GE OEM knowledge and experience.

Specialize in Used Steam Turbines and Steam Power Plants-From Engineering to Install!

Steam Turbine Solutions is the only used equipment vendor that specializes specifically in steam turbines and steam power plants.  We have a staff of engineers that can perform all the calculations needed to size the unit to your specific steam conditions and assess the condition of the unit to make sure you buy the best unit on the market for your specific need.   Most other vendors you find in your google searches sell everything from nuts and bolts,small electric motors to process equipment.  They just sell you the unit they purchased at auction and leave you on your own to determine if it will work in your cycle.  Don’t be fooled by their paid ads and position in google searches.

STS will work closely with you and your engineers to insure a successful project no matter the application.  No other vendor can claim this in-house expertise and willingness to help you with your project.

Please contact STS for your next steam turbine project. we will be happy to help you select the right equipment

New Unused 50 Hz 24.5 MW Siemens STG set /w Condenser System and More

A unique opportunity for a new unused 24.5 MW Siemens SST-400 STG 50 Hz set with axial exhaust and condenser system.  The unit was installed in 2013 and never run.  STG was in combined cycle with 2 GT’s.  The entire system is available including heaters, cooling towers, pumps etc…  Call us for more information!


New/Unused 12 MW Steam Turbine Generator for Renewable Energy Project

STS has a new/unused 12.4 MW steam turbine generator available for immediate purchase.  It also includes a new condenser system. It’s the perfect size for many renewable energy and biomass projects currently in development.  Its stored in a climate controlled warehouse and ready to be shipped worldwide.


New Unused 30 MW, 50 Hz, Siemens STG’s for Sale

STS has multiple new/unused Siemens 30 MW, 50 Hz, axial exhaust steam-turbine generators for sale.  The units are still in crates and stored in a climate controlled warehouse.  The full condenser systems are included.  Please contact us for this unique opportunity.


Steam Turbines for Renewable Energy Projects

STS has many steam turbine-generator sets available for renewable energy projects such as waste to energy, biomass, renewable energy concept plants, solar and any other plant that produces waste heat and steam as a byproduct.  We have steam-turbine generator sets from 1-100 MW’s, both new/unused and used equipment for these projects and the technical support to assist with cycle and sizing of the sets.  Please contact us for help selecting the right turbine for your cycle.

Contact Steam Turbine Solutions for the Proper Used Steam Turbine Generator Cycle Fit

Most steam turbine generators were custom designed for a specific cycle .  They are not designed as a standard product line like a gas turbine, if you want a 20 MW gas turbine you  buy a 20 MW gas turbine.  This is not possible with steam turbines.  Factors such as steam pressure, temperatures, exhaust and extraction pressures could make one “20 MW steam turbine”  completely different casing and steam path design than another “20 MW turbine”.   When looking for a used set it takes a thermo-mechanical review by a steam turbine engineer so that you buy the proper unit that can make the required power for your cycle and is mechanically sound for those conditions. Although most used equipment brokers do not have that capability to perform these studies,   Steam Turbine Solutions can take your requirements and find the best fit unit available on the market that meets your cycle needs.   This evaluation could make a difference in finding a poor fit unit and a  unit that has good operating efficiency, runs reliably reliability and makes the required power output for the life of the unit.

Please feel free to email or call STS for the right unit for the right cycle!

Used STG for Biomass Application

We have just listed a used 16.1 MW MHI STG set that would be perfect for a biomass application that requires powers between 8 and 16 MW’s.  Please let us know if we can supply you with some engineering assistance to help you apply this unit to your cycle.