GE Lynn and Fitchburg Steam Turbines

Do you need technical support for your GE Lynn, MA or Fitchburg, MA manufactured steam turbine?  Steam Turbine Solutions Inc can support you with most all your technical needs.  These factories closed down in 1987 and 1998 and and  OEM expertise for these units has diminished greatly over that time.  STS has the expertise to work with you on operational, maintenance and repair issues.  The GE fleet from these 2 facilities numbers over 5,000 units and the large majority of these machines are still operating today.  Contact us if we can help you solve a problem or if you just have a technical question pertaining to your GE steam turbine.

Steam Turbine Evaluation Analysis and Monitoring Program (STEAM Program)

Steam Turbine Solutions Inc. can provide a full steam turbine site monitoring and assessment program for your industrial steam turbine generator set.  We have a semi- annual program where we can perform steam turbine performance evaluation, aux systems evaluation and provide technical support for any steam turbine generator.  As a part of this evaluation STS will evaluate your plant cycle and how the STG currently fits that cycle. We also provide full technical support for you STG and full access 24/7 to a steam turbine engineer to help you with emergencies or operational problems.  Please call us to discuss the reliability, performance and availability improvements that we can offer to your facility.

33 MW Siemens SST-300 Single Auto Extraction STG for Sale

We have a 33 MW Siemens SST-300 single auto extraction condensing steam turbine generator for sale.  It was built in 2007 and shut down in 2018.  Only run for 11 years and in excellent condition.

New Unused Alstom 160 MW STG for Combined Cycle Application Available

We have a new unused Alstom 160 MW Reheat Condensing STG for sale. It was built in 2007 and is sitting in a warehouse, never installed.  Comes with all the aux systems except condenser.  these typically go behind an F technology GT in combined cycle.

Contact us for more details.

Need a nearly new used steam turbine generator for a geothermal power plant?

STS has a 2 year old low pressure steam turbine that would be perfect for a geothermal steam cycle.  Its available immediately and in nearly new condition.  Call us today to discuss your cycle and if this steam turbine can work for you.

Excess LP Process Steam Available in a Paper Mill or Industrial Plant?- We have the perfect steam turbine generator for you!

If you have excess process steam in your plant and you are venting or wasting that steam we have the perfect solution.  We have a barely used, 2 year old Siemens steam turbine generator that can turn that lower pressure process steam into cash/electricity!  Call us today for information on how to optimize your plant cycle with this steam turbine generator.

The Used Steam Turbine Generator Market is Hot!

The used steam turbine market has been on fire over the last 6 months!  So many biomass projects world wide looking for used and unused steam turbine generators.  This equipment has immediate availability for quick install and startup and have proven in service records. These quick start ups can improve overall project payback due to not needing to wait 12+ months for new units.  These units are a fraction of the cost of new equipment and more often these older units have a more rugged design that what is available as new units today.  Call today for a free search and engineer review of the units we have listed.


OEM Level Expertise on GE Lynn and Fitchburg Steam Turbines

As OEM’s technical support for their steam turbines vanishes due to retirement, downsizing and attrition, STS can provide OEM level support for its customers on all OEM’s steam turbines.  STS has a particular expertise with GE Lynn and Fitchburg type steam turbines and generators.  Please call us today to discuss what we can to help you operate and maintain your equipment and support you with a very high level of technical expertise for your equipment.

STS Inc Used Steam Turbine Engineering and Cycle Fit Evaluation

STS is the only used equipment provider in the world that can provide steam turbine thermo-mechanical evaluations of used steam turbines to determine the fit for its customers cycles.  STS will perform these preliminary evaluations as part of their used unit search for its customers.  These studies can cost $10,000+ from an OEM and STS will do them for free as part of a unit search.

Steam turbines are not purchased by MW need only, they must fit the steam condition requirements of the cycle they are proposed for.  A 20 MW unit for 600 psig steam will not work for a 20 MW cycle that has 900 psig steam.

STS can perform these evaluations to make sure you are buying the right unit for your cycle!  Call us today for an engineered search for the steam turbine for your project.

New Listings for Unused and Used Steam Turbines

We have many new listings for unused and used steam turbines.  We have seen quite a few unused/new units come onto the market that are located in warehouses and ready for purchase.  These are new unused machines that were never installed at their intended locations. units from 10-200 MW’s are available.  Call or email us for details, price and availability.  We have many other units that are not on our site.